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Xeo 20 User manual

This is Xeo

Xeo combines the latest wireless technology with impressive sound quality and makes listening to music truly convenient and easy. The next few pages contain important information on connecting the system and its operation to ensure perfect function and the best-possible sound quality. We hope you have a great time listening to your favourite music.


About This Product

The active Xeo 10/20/30 speakers are equipped with powerful integrated amplifiers and allow for the direct connection of various analog and digital audio sources. A Bluetooth interface enables the operation of Bluetooth devices and plays them back in optimal sound quality. Optional components like Xeo Hub or Dynaudio Connect enable setting up a wireless multiroom system without any restrictions to the highest sound quality. The speakers can be fully controlled with a remote control. The operational state of the system is indicated by two LEDs on the front.

About This Manual

This manual describes the operation of the Xeo 10/20/30 speakers. Information about the optional Xeo modules (Hub, Connect, Extender, Link) can be found in the Owner´s manual provided with these modules.